Who we are

Why Pervasive

Clark Van Nostrand

Clark is the Company’s Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Van Nostrand’s thirty-year background in the financial markets as Managing Director for Samoset Capital, Windward Capital, Credit Suisse First Boston and Nomura Securities provides Pervasive with the foundation to fully execute and properly capitalize the Company for unfettered growth. Clark’s unique background gives Pervasive an unparalleled ability to execute on its business plan, manage its growth and maintain soundness in its financial underpinnings. Clark holds a BA and MBA from Stanford University and graduated from Navy Fighter Weapons School (“Top Gun”).

John Bunch

Mr. Bunch’s extensive tribal gaming experience provides Pervasive with an unparalleled opportunity to significantly expand its business. Mr. Bunch is a voting tribal member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma and has spent over 15 years dedicated to the expansion of gaming in the tribal community. Prior to joining Pervasive, John was the lead slot placement consultant for Next Gaming and Executive Vice President of EC Development. His background is based in Class II & III slot deployment and casino player based software systems. With installations and management of slots and or player tracking systems in Oklahoma, Michigan, California, Wisconsin, Alabama, Montana, Maine, Mexico, Caribbean Islands, Turks & Caicos, Italy and Africa.

Shannon Lewis
Director of Operations

Shannon Lewis’ 12 year history of managing the assembly, deployment and maintenance of over 7,000 slot machines for Worldwide Gaming Technology/American Gaming Systems brings Pervasive significant depth and experience within the Indian Gaming Industry. His professional acumen, client centered service driven history provides Pervasive with an exemplary foundation to manage client relationships and deliver exponential growth.

Innovative products focused on increasing revenue and player satisfaction.

Our day-to-day operations are focused on how to increase our client revenues.

We believe that in addition to economic considerations, the most important factor influencing product selection is end user appeal.

To drive customer demand and improve product attractiveness to end users, we are continually working to develop new game themes and features, while maintaining an overall quality gaming experience.

Clayton Robertson
Director of Sales

Clay has over 16 years of management, sales and finance experience in the food and beverage industry. He brings to Pervasive a solid grasp of delivering world-class customer support and sales management. While understanding the overall needs of a fast-growing company operating within a highly competitive market.